doTERRA Convention 2016 Recap: Part 1

I am sitting in my hotel room, processing all that has happened this past week. We have spent the last week in Salt Lake City, Utah with 30,000 friends from around the world at doTERRA’s global convention.img_7903

There is so much to share with you.

There always is.


(First day of convention! Healthy snacks and a super fun gemstone roller, with a fun blend I conceited of Wild Orange & Bergamot to keep me alert and with lots of energy!)

This is my fourth convention, and I’m feeling similar to how I have felt after most of our large corporate gatherings: immensely thankful and grateful, empowered, excited and overwhelmed not knowing how to pass any of this on or where to even begin. (I do feel slightly less exhausted than normal, as this is my first corporate doTERRA event EVER, to not be either pregnant or have a nursing child with me! holla!). Please don’t take that the wrong way…you know we LOVE our kiddos! :)

The only thing that feels different about this year (other than having a tad more energy), is that I have such a strong pull in my heart as to where to begin in my sharing with you.


Gala night! We got to celebrate several rank advancement on our team this year. Specifically at gala, we got to watch (and throw streamers at!) Jon & Duquesa walk as Blue Diamonds!! (I remember teaching their very first essential oil class….tear….) As well as Lindsey & Erik Wilt and Cara & Barrett Fines walk as Diamonds! It’s so fun to dress up, eat good food, and celebrate each other.

Yep, there are new products to share with you (one of which we have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for!).


PB ASSIST JR Y’ALL…. UM…. YES! FINALLY! PROBIOTICS for KIDS! With 5 active strands of goodness! (podcast from Dan coming soon. They are tasty too.)

YES, the company continues to grow and it’s encouraging to see how many more families and lives are being touched by essential oils and natural wellness solutions.


The numbers are phenomenal and I can’t wait to share them with you.

YES, we heard from researchers from John Hopkins and other well established scientists and researchers from around the globe who presented emerging research that is EXCITING. Research that can help us understand how essential oils work and all of their mechanisms of actions.


YES, doTERRA was recognized again and again and again this past year as one of the top companies to work for, one of the fastest growing companies and one of the companies that has the most positive economic impact in Salt Lake City. Oh, and
img_8598YES, starting in November we will be able to enter the specific lot number for each individual bottle of essential oil HERE and receive both the third party GC/MS report and the ARC plot report for quality assurance! Woot!


However, what is stuck on my heart and has left such a lasting impression is our entire last day of convention. All of the Co-Impact Sourcing stories, along with the work that the Healing Hands Foundation is doing (partnering with Days for Girls, Operation Underground Railroad, and Mentors International) the message of love, forgiveness and faith presented to us by Immaculee Ilibagiza  (author of “Left To Tell“), and finally, my sweet friend Betsy Holmes being presented with the Elevation award for her work to found an orphanage in China, which takes in precious children with special needs, and works to find them loving and lasting homes.

It almost seems empty as I write it all out. Like my words won’t be enough. These letters on the pages won’t accurate explain to you all of the feelings, and the overflowing of tears that happened that last day. But, I shall try, because I want you to experience this with me.

There is much darkness in the world. But, there is also much light.

I hope to share with you some of this.

When I first learned that Immaculee would be speaking at convention, I was both humbled and eager to hear her speak. I had read her book, “Left To Tell” in college and it was extremely formative for me. Her story of surviving the devastating Rwandan genocide in which 1 million people died (including all of her family, friends and neighbors), was one – if not the main reason – I worked with refugees during my internship in college and in my first job post college. It felt as if my worlds were colliding (which is often how I feel about doTERRA actually…), but this was even more surreal.
Her message is a simple but complex. As you begin to listen to her story, it actually seems nearly impossible.
Her message was of forgiveness.
As Immaculee begins to tell her story, you can tell by the way she presents herself that she is an extremely strong woman, and as her story continues you begin to see where her strength comes from.
She shared with us her memories of the genocide. Mostly of her time hiding in a very small bathroom, (measuring 3×4 feet) with 7 other women she did not know, with very little food and water for 91 days. During that time she spent much time in her own thoughts, because the women did not speak to each other (as to not risk being overheard or discovered). She spent much time in prayer and much time with the bible. As she overheard on the radio report after report of more and more deaths, she could not understand how to love her enemies. She would open the bible and immediately close it. She was struggling. She was angry. She was vengeful.
And, rightly so. Right?
I mean, her entire family. Her village. Her people.
All massacred.
Babies, Children, Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents. All gone.
It was through her faith, her prayers, her struggles, that the words of Jesus on the cross rang through her head, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”. She still struggled to forgive, but she thought, if Jesus could forgive those that treated him with so much evil. Surely, there is a way that I can to.
Making a very long and personal struggle short, she was able to find the strength and forgiveness in her heart and there was much freedom in that. She was so thankful to find the freedom, that she wanted to share that with others.
She taught herself english so that when she was indeed able to leave the closet, she could tell her story and she could teach others around the world to love and to forgive each other.
What in the world?!
Do you realize how unreal that is?
She was trapped in a bathroom. She entered at 115 pounds and left at 60 pounds. She actually had no guarantee that she would ever leave, but she had faith that she would and that she would have a powerful message to deliver.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for her being vulnerable and sharing with us. I have a short clip to share with you. One of my favorite things that she said to us is in this clip, “You do not need to compete with evil.”


I was planning to summarize the entire last day for you in this one post, and I now feel that would be both exhausting for you and for me. So, on that note, I think I’ll leave it at this for today.

Thank you Immaculee for your vulnerability and your hope in humanity. I love that you see good in all people. May we take your words to heart and truly forgive and love each other. Because, you are right, we need not compete with evil. Love is much more powerful.

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